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Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

We carry a range of spares for the DEROS sander including speed controllers. We can order any items not in stock. See attached pdf documentation for list spares.

MIRKA® DEROS and its brushless motor.
Thanks to its high efficiency patented brushless motor, the MIRKA® DEROS also has plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Indeed, its performance is actually comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine and that ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. The innovative design of the brushless motor means there are few wearing components so it is low maintenance, ultra-reliable and has a long lifespan. In contrast to conventional electric machines, the MIRKA® DEROS also features a ‘closed construction’ which prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

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Mirka DEROS 110V Mirka_DEROS_125_150mm_110V

Mirka DEROS 230V Mirka_DEROS_125_150mm_230V

Serial Number Location

Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Cover Plate for DEROS MIE6510411


Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Fan 5.0mm/130g Pad for DEROS MIE6511211


Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Housing for DEROS MIE6520811


Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Lever 5.0mm for DEROS MIE65310111


Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Mirka DEROS 650CV 150mm Electric Sander


Mirka DEROS Sander Spares

Swivel Exhaust for DEROS MIE6521011

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