Coarse Cut Grip 125mm Discs 8 Hole (50 discs) Grit P60

Mirka Coarse Cut is an aggressive sanding material suitable for sanding lacquer and putty, glass reinforced polyester and welding seams. Coarse Cut is a durable product suitable for all kinds of coarse sanding. This is due to the specially reinforced backing material and Progressive Bond(tm) dust binding technology developed by Mirka.

* Super edge wear
* Minimum clogging
* The coarse grits are also available as discs
* Flexible on rounded surfaces

50 Discs per Box

Technical specifications
Bonding Resin over resin Progressive Bond™
Backing Special reinforced F-paper
Coating Semi-open
Colour Maroon
Grit range P 36-40, 60-150


  • Part No: 4061605060
  • Manufactured by: Mirka

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