Metal Working Fluid 5ltr

MOLYSLIP MWF is a concentrated neat cutting fluid containing a unique oil-soluble molybdenum compound together with extreme pressure anti-weld additives. Helps give greater cutting accuracy and prolonged tool life.


MOLYSLIP MWF should be applied directly to the cutting tool or workpiece to meet the extreme pressure conditions in cutting and forming. Its extreme pressure agents help to prevent weld, or pick-up both with tough metals and light alloys. MOLYSLIP MWF is especially useful for hobbing, gear shaping, thread grinding, broaching and tapping.


Where a mineral straight/neat cutting oil is used MOLYSLIP MWF can be added in proportions of between 5% and 25% to improve performance.

  • Part No: MWF 5ltr
  • Manufactured by: Molyslip

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